Oe. Studio Shop is owned and run on a daily base by Mia Lerssi.

In the studio Mia is developing and working on her own designs and creations. 

In the shop Mia shares her fascination for her talented colleagues designs, so here you can see, feel and buy contemporary craft from a selected group of highly skilled craftspeople.

Antonia Lindell  -  Clayform  -  Iben Birch Bech  -  Maria Liliegren  -  Mette Colberg  -  Mia Lerssi  -  Muri Clay Everyday -

Nobel Design  -  Oh Oak  -  Sander Boeijink  -  Studio Sybrandy  -  Zelmer Olsen  -  WIWOLO

You will find the studio and the shop is at Snellemark 19, 3700 Rønne.

Opening hours

monday closed

tuesay - friday 10 - 17

saturday 10 - 14


T +45 26 37 20 90

E hello@oestudioshop.com


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FYI We are working hard on finding the right glass work shop to blow our glass pendant SB/01. The task has proved to be more time consuming than anticipated. The good thing is that the process is still on, and we look forward to be able to share the finished lamp with you. Update 10-05-2019

Mia Lerssi Exhibitions autumn 2019

Gerrit Rietveld 50 years glass department

3rd september  - 10th of october 2019

Museum Jan van der Togt

Amstelveen/Amsterdam, Holland

Chinese Whisper

Opening 11th of October 2019

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft


Residency and exhibition

26 October - 1 november 2019

Het Glazen Huis

Lommel, Belgium

Opening, 16 november 2019

Ongoing through the summer:

- 2019 ACAB, Members expo, Grønbechsgaard, Denmark. 

- 2019 ACAB, new members expo, Grønbechsgaard, Denmark.


Mia has a love for glass and its seductive and transparent qualities.
Her work moves interdiscplinary between design, craft and art.
Mia is a sucker for materiality, tactility and shapes, that she evolves into a material sensuality, that reaches above physical attraction.

Mia's background is within the field of glass.

From stuying swedish tradional glass blowing at Kosta, to a Master of Fine Arts from the Sandberg Institute/Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Holland.

After her studies Mia started teaching at the glass department of Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, alongside executing her artistic career, exhibiting in Holland, Denmark and abroad.

After 10 years og living and working in Amsterdam Mia, Bornholm became her new home in 2014.

In the summer of 2018 she founded Oe. Studio Shop in the heart of Rønne.